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Welcome to Aalto Ethylene Testing.  For over 20 years, Waine Aalto has been performing detailed Ethylene Gas test and Ethylene Effects analysis of cold storage facilities, supermarket distribution centers and any other commercial building where perishable produce or floral commodities are handled.

For many of these years, Waine was the chief test analyst for Blue Anchor Distributing, located in Dinuba, California.  As of March 1, 2001, Aalto Ethylene Testing has been established by Waine, independent from his former affiliation with Blue Anchor.

Aalto Ethylene Testing will utilize the most sophisticated Gas Chromatograph available, and one of the only instruments available commercially to the perishable produce and floral industry.  Our unit is equipped with a flame ionization detector (Carle AGC-211).

Capable of measuring ethylene gas levels down to PPB (Parts Per Billion) Aalto Ethylene Testing can provide accurate and detailed analysis necessary for tracking ethylene gas effects upon the most sensitive commodities, from Kiwi Fruit to Flower Bulbs, and of course the major ethylene producing commodities such as Apples, Pears and Bananas.

In addition to an accurate ethylene gas test, the real value of Aalto Ethylene Testing is Waine's many years of invaluable experience and expertise with most every commodity stored commercially.  Waine has performed tests for most major cold storage facilities in the United States, as well as facilities in South America, Europe, the Middle East as well as Asia.

Whether down the road in Central California, or a Commercial Cold Storage facility in Europe, professional cold storage managers around the world have depended upon Waine Aalto for testing and analysis.  With the formation of Aalto Ethylene Testing, and our World Wide Web presence, we hope other professionals will find this as valuable a resource as many other professionals have discovered for over 20 years!

bulletYou may contact Waine for technical support via telephone at (559) 904-0563 or 456-8313 
bulletOr send Waine an e-mail to ethylenetesting@att.net


Aalto Ethylene Testing
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Aalto Ethylene Testing
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